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Physics Mug Design Contest Results


By Sophadeth Rithya 10-B

As you know, the Physics Mug Design Contest is a type of contest that looks for a winner with intelligent and creative ideas to design a mug that captivates the judges and the audience. Coincidently, my team won the contest. My teammates and I were overwhelmed after we heard that we had won the contest. "What a relief!" one of my teammate said.


At first, before we started to do this project, we decided to cogitate about the fundamentals of physics. What is Physics about? For example, Physics can be about electricity, gravity, light, and force....etc. We worked together until we came up with ideas and concepts for our mug. The concepts that we came up with was to merge different properties of Physics into one picture. At first, we tried to combine it and illustrated the picture as a sketch. Afterward, we made adjustments to our picture to assure that there wouldn't be any major errors. Then, we began to draw the picture, as our final draft. At first we thought the picture that we had drawn for our mug was quite ordinary, childish, and ridiculous. However, we felt that the mug with a unique, yet sophisticated, design might win the contest. So, we tried our best to incorporate as many fun and interesting ideas as we possibly could.

Eventually, we scanned the picture and printed it on our mug and then, gave it to our physics teacher, Mr. Davut Aslan. As a matter of fact, we never thought that our mug would win this contest since we were up against other mugs that had great and amazing designs. Despite this, we were shocked and surprised to find out that our mug was chosen as the winner. It was an honor to win this contest and we had fun, designing our mug as well. Overall, it was a great experience and we hope there will be more contests in the future that can test the students' creativity and confidence.


By Porhour Ly 11-E

Gathering around the announcement boards, students were all curious to find out about a large poster posted on the board. Suddenly excitement filled in the air, as they studied the poster. It was a 'Physics Mug Design' competition. Full with passion, each student quickly planed their mug layouts. Whether they drew or used computer design, only the results mattered. As the due date arrived, all candidates presented their mugs with confidence and optimism.

One or two weeks later, our physics lab was packed with students standing and chatting as they looked through the transparent window. Picking their favorites, they all carefully judged the objects. There was no doubt that their topic was about the mugs. All the mugs that were designed by the pupils were put on display in the laboratory. As they were put together, it was hard not to stop and have a look at them. They were all undeniably gorgeous. Each and every mug demonstrated their individual qualities in different ways. Some expressed the students' creativities and skillfulness while others showed their commitment and passion. Despite the differences, they had all put their love and understanding of physics into the mugs.

The result was unpredictable; it was so close. This left our Physics Teachers with a tough job. Yet the decision was made. Unexpectedly, there was not 'a winner' but there were 'four winners' as the designs were all outstanding. The rewards will be a surprise!

Physics Mug Design Contest Photos



0 #1 Kmengheng LEROY 2012-06-29 16:54
the mug number 45 and 46 are very nice...... simple but meaningful, how come the winner is not that nice

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