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Electric Circuit Design Contest Results

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There are many differences between this year in our school and the previous year. And one of the main differences is with all the competitions we have this year. Our school has put on a lot of contests so far for all the students in school. One of these was a challenge from the subject of physics called the "electric circuit design competition".

Physics Poster Contest Results

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We thank to everyone who participated in Physics Poster Contest. We had 120 enteries in  the contest. Here are some photos of the posters.

Electric Circuit Design Contest Announcement

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Can you design and build a simple electric circuit?

Can you show how something works using switches,lights and any other components you need?

Are you creative and able to turn your ideas into reality?

If so, you might be able to win this contest.

Help people to understand Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Astronomy, Math, etc. with your attractive and useful teaching invention!

The winning entry will be the one that is judged to be the most creative, useful, and attractive.

Physics Poster Contest Announcement

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We are looking for the best physics poster you can make! Just hand draw your poster design and submit it in time for judging and you could win a prize for the best physics poster.

Entries must be on poster-sized paper and be related to the subject of physics.

The winning poster will be the one that is judged to be the most interesting, instructive, and attractive.

Mousetrap Car Race 2011

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The Mousetrap Car Race had been announced almost a month before it was held on the 25th of December 2010. What any student had to do was to build a car that will move forward when a mousetrap is sprung. After students heard about this competition, they began to work really hard to design and build the best car. It was Saturday morning and I arrived at school around 8:30 am with my mousetrap car. There were many students and parents testing their cars in the canteen and in the backyard of the school. My partner, Seavhun and I were fixing and testing our car, too.

Lit Heart

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It is a heart shape decorated with LEDs and switches.

How to make a Rheostat

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A Rheostat (also known as a variable resistor) is an electrical component to vary the amount of current flowing through the circuit.

A rheostat is a two-terminal variable resistor. Often these are designed to handle much higher voltage and current.

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